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Posted February 6, 2024

ARLAC was established in 1974. This year we celebrate 50 years of developing the capacity of labour administration systems in Africa. The theme for our anniversary celebrations is “SECURING THE FUTURE: EMPOWERING ALL FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN A CHANGING WORLD”.

This theme reflects the core values and mission of ARLAC while underscoring the principle of ‘no one must be left behind’ as the organisation prepares for the future that is not only unknown but also uncertain.  ARLAC’s 50th anniversary celebration will focus on addressing the challenges of an uncertain future shaped by various factors like low growth, rising unemployment, stagflation, technology, climate change, energy crises and factors. What is particularly important is that all these challenges are happening at the same time. Thus, the theme ‘Securing Futures’ signifies ARLAC’s commitment to building bridges across the evolving landscape of labour administration, while ensuring that no one is left behind in the process.

Key Elements of the 50th Anniversary Theme

  1. Empowering All: ARLAC’s primary goal is to empower individuals and institutions within Member Countries. This includes government officials, workers and employers. The theme emphasises ARLAC’s dedication to equipping everyone with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to thrive in an ever-changing environment;
  2. Inclusivity: ‘No one must be left behind’ is a central principle of ARLAC’s mission in its quest to navigate the future. The theme reaffirms the organisation’s commitment to inclusivity as well as ensuring that marginalised communities, vulnerable workers and the perpetually under-served African region receive the necessary support and resources to participate fully in the Future World of Work;
  3. Adapting to Change: The reference to ‘a changing world’ acknowledges the multifaceted challenges posed by elements such as technology, climate change and energy crises. ARLAC recognises the importance of preparing workers and labour administrations to adapt to these changes and seize opportunities for sustainable development;
  4. Securing the Future: The notion of ‘Securing the Future’ implies that ARLAC acts as a facilitator, bridging the gap between the present and the future. ARLAC’s role is to connect stakeholders, share knowledge, provide training and offer advisory services to create a smoother transition toward a more prosperous and equitable labour landscape;
  5. Preparation and Resilience: The theme alludes to the uncertain nature of the future. It further stresses the importance of preparing for various challenges. Therefore, ARLAC’s role is not only to equip individuals with skills but also to foster resilience, enabling them to face the unknown with confidence; and
  6. Collaboration: ARLAC’s efforts cannot succeed in isolation. The theme encourages collaboration among member countries, regional partners and international organisations to collectively address the complex issues affecting labour administration.

By adopting the theme “Securing The Future: Empowering All For Sustainable Development In A Changing World” for its 50th anniversary celebration, ARLAC reaffirms its commitment to ensuring that no one is left behind, regardless of the challenges posed by a rapidly evolving global landscape.

This theme encapsulates ARLAC’s dedication to capacity building, skill development and equitable opportunities for all. It, therefore, reflects the organisation’s mission and vision for the next 50 years and beyond.

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