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Information Services

Information Services

The other specific objectives of the Centre hinges on the provision of information services for the benefit of member countries. The ARLAC Information Centre is committed to facilitating access to and preserving the information and knowledge resources in support of the mandate of the Centre and enabling access to an impartial, enriched environment for learning and research.

The ARLAC Information Centre is an essential source of information and expertise for the Centre’s trainees, resource persons/consultants/specialists and the wider community. The Library provides extensive collections, access services, instruction and infrastructure in an environment which fosters scholarship, creativity and learning.

Going forward, one of the ARLAC Strategic Plan (2019 -23) priority areas is “Institutional Strengthening”, in particular “Infrastructure and Information and Communications Technology(ies) capacity”. In this regard, the Centre seeks to:

  1. Equip the information centre with key appropriate resources including up-to-date ICT infrastructure;

  2. Update ARLAC Website in format and with latest information;

  3. Create a Social Media platform for ARLAC.

  1. The mission of the Information Services Department is to provide a meaningful learning experience that meets current and emerging library, information and technology needs, and prepares participants for productive roles in a variety of continually evolving information environments. The department also provides basic library skills and information literacy training in general.

The Information Services Department envisions a society where all individuals, regardless of location, economic status, language, age, or any other factor, are able to freely and easily access, retrieve, and use information and knowledge to empower them to lead full and productive lives. The department is committed to excellence in service that supports the mandate of ARLAC, as well as encourages and supports lifelong learning. The department:

  • anticipates and responds to the diverse and ever-changing needs of the course participants.
  • provides an educational experience that is relevant in the rapidly evolving information age.
  • provides leadership in the effective and efficient use of current and emerging information technologies and services.
  • provides convenient access to ARLAC courses and programmes.
  • prepares participants for the 21st century global workforce.
  • encourages and support lifelong learning.
  • fosters information literacy and responsible citizenship.
  • promotes communication, collaboration and partnerships.
  • promotes diversity, and freedom of inquiry and expression.

Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 12:45 & 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Friday 8:30 – 12:45 pm

Closed Weekends and Public Holidays