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Consultancy & Advisory Services

Consultancy & Advisory Services

Another broad objective of the Centre, as provided for in Article 2 of the ARLAC Agreement and Rules of Procedure of the ARLAC Governing Council is to provide consultancy and advisory services directed towards strengthening labour administration in member countries.

To help member countries maximise the effectiveness of their training, ARLAC works closely with them in providing consultancies or external collaboration services in the performance of specific tasks in a given time frame (for example to analyse their unique training needs and provide customised learning and development solutions that maximises training return on investment [ROI]). Such services help member countries to maximise the full potential of their human capital, strengthening capabilities in meeting the challenges of an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of work.

In line with the updated ARLAC Strategic Plan, ARLAC may conduct national level training as a direct response to individual member country training needs. The activities also provide a cost-effective means for capacity building for middle and lower level officials in the labour administration systems in member countries.

One of ARLAC’s key strategic priority areas is to offer ‘Responsive Training and Related Programmes’. This will be achieved by among other strategic actions strengthening the ARLAC Research and Consultancy unit.

  1. To support the strengthening of research and technological development in labour administration through analysis, evaluation and dissemination of “best practices” and current innovations;

  2. Facilitate mechanisms for the debate and discussion in order to increase the dialogue on the principle of collaboration and cooperation between the various actors involved in the labour administration system;

  3. Promote cooperation for labour administration development in the region.